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On ‘Killing Eve,’ Jodie Comer’s Villain Is Delightfully Dangerous. Here’s Why.

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Jodie Comer stars in “Killing Eve” as the gleeful assassin Villanelle, who has become one of the most memorable characters on TV.

Jodie Comer stars in “Killing Eve” as the gleeful assassin Villanelle, who has become one of the most memorable characters on TV.


There hasn’t been another character on TV quite like Villanelle.

As played by Jodie Comer on the mesmerizing British thriller “Killing Eve,” Villanelle (real name: Oksana Astankova) is a psychopath with a gleeful passion for murder. She’s resourceful even in the most dire of circumstances (escaping a Moscow prison, for one), enviably stylish and often quite amusing — in a sick, off-kilter sort of way.

Season 2 of “Killing Eve” starts Sunday on BBC America and picks up where the first season left off, immediately following the weird, violent confrontation in which Villanelle has been stabbed by her frenemy, the MI5 officer Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh). “They’re both kind of reeling from what’s happened in the apartment,” Comer said.

“I think we see a completely different side to Villanelle,” she added. “She’s just extremely vulnerable in a way we haven’t seen her before — especially physically — and I think that really scares her.”

During a recent phone interview, Comer looked back on a few defining moments from Season 1 for her character, whom she described as “delightful, dangerous” and “delicious.” These are edited excerpts from what she said.

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Jodie visits Build Series New York

Jodie appeared on Build Series New York for Killing Eve promotion. I’ve added images of her attending the event, enjoy!

Killing Eve FYC Event

Jodie attended the Killing Eve FYC Event, I’ve added images of them both at the event, enjoy!

Killing Eve Season 2 Red Carpet Event

Tonight Jodie attended the Red Carpet Event for the new season of Killing Eve, I’ve added images to our gallery enjoy!

Lady Killer As TV’s most captivating assassin on Killing Eve, Jodie Comer hides nothing.

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A strange man sitting at the table next to — and apparently within smelling range — of Jodie Comer has just leaned a little farther in, his sense of smell activated by an odor wafting his way. “Excuse me,” he murmurs into her ear, unsure if he should. “What perfume are you wearing? Is it … it smells so familiar.”

Comer is delighted. “Oh, it’s a bit strong, innit? It’s Santal 33! I doused myself in it when I got ready,” she exclaims in a dense Liverpudlian accent. As they exchange some niceties about sandalwood and cedar and Le Labo, a feeling hovers just outside of my rational thought. Villanelle, the assassin Comer plays on Killing Eve, once used perfume as a fatal nerve agent. Watching this scene now unfold in real life, it’s not that I think, Will she assassinate him? But there is something about the exchange that feels lifted directly from the show’s script.

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The Royal Television Society Programme Awards

I’ve added photos of Jodie attending the  The Royal Television Society Programme Awards March 19, Enjoy!

Killing Eve Season 2 Official Trailer

KillingEve Season 2 premieres on BBC America April 7 at 8pm.

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