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Jodie Comer: ‘There will be a lot more kills’

For every role Jodie Comer plays, a letter arrives from God with notes. Technically, it doesn’t come from the Almighty directly – the letters are sent by a priest in her father’s parish, but as he does God’s work it surely counts as forwarded mail – and they wait for her, in silent judgement or praise, at her parents’ Liverpool home where she stays when she’s not filming.


“And he still does it,” says Comer in her thick Liverpudlian accent. “When he watches a thing I’ve done, he’ll explain what he took from it in regards to the people he meets. He says he respects what I do, because you have to find empathy for people you otherwise might not.”

Which, of course, invites the question: Comer plays Killing Eve’s Villanelle, a deliriously demented psychopathic assassin, so what does God think about her best-known role? “He’s spoken,” says Comer, “about the depths he feels I would have to go to in order understand why a person would be like this.”

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Jodie attended the 2019 Bafta’s this week, big congrats to Jodie winning best actress for her role as Vilanelle! Well deserved, we hope you enjoy the photos from the event.

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Jodie Visits the Today Show

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