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Evening Standard- As Killing Eve reaches its finale, shape-shifting star Jodie Comer talks to Rosamund Dean about how her gritty West End debut took priority over Ridley Scott’s next epic  Photoshoots > 2022 > Session 006-Evening Standard Magazine Last month, Jodie Comer was in a studio to record her last bits of dialogue for the final ever episode of […]

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer Lay ‘Killing Eve’ to Rest

The New York Times- Across four seasons, the bodies mounted as their characters’ mutual obsession deepened. But like all relationships, this one, too, had to come to an end. BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer locked eyes across a fish tank. Illuminated in the blue glow of bubbling water and artificial light, […]

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer Reveal What They Love About Killing Eve’s Female Spin on the Spy Game

February 18, 2022   No Comment   Interviews, Killing Eve, Season 4

One of TV’s hottest shows began in a tiny, sparsely decorated office in Burbank, Calif. That’s where Killing Eve co-stars-to-be Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer met for the first time. “I remember it exactly!” Oh says of the their initial pairing in 2017. “The room was completely empty and the size of a small child’s bedroom. [Comer] came in with a […]

25 Of The World’s Most Talked-About Stars Make Up British Vogue’s 2022 Hollywood Portfolio

Who is your icon from Hollywood history? Jodie Comer The Last Duel “I had just started secondary school and I got paid £200. I felt like the richest person in the world” Tell us about your first ever audition. “I had just started secondary school and my drama teacher drove me. It was for a […]

Jodie Comer Tries Another Era On for Size | W Magazine Best Performances

The Killing Eve star discusses the series’ final season, and working with Matt Damon and Adam Driver in The Last Duel. The name Jodie Comer has been synonymous with Villanelle, the alluringly chic assassin who stars opposite Sandra Oh in the hit BBC America series Killing Eve, for the past three years. She strikes a much more serious tone in her […]

Jodie Comer for Hunger Magazine

Fresh off the set of their upcoming project ‘Help’, the Emmy-winning actress talks to friend and fellow Liverpool native Stephen Graham about destiny, playing Scousers and getting the call from Hollywood. How cool is Jodie Comer? Prodigious talent and an enviable screen magnetism have resulted in an Emmy and a BAFTA for her explosive performance […]

Jodie Comer Shares The Simple Routine She Swears By For Glowing Skin.

On her role as a skincare ambassador “For me, everything is about integrity, including my acting,” Jodie told R29. “I’ve got to believe in something if I’m going to put my time into it and I was blown away by Noble Panacea’s ethos and attitude towards what beauty is.” The brand was founded by Sir […]

Free Guy: Jodie Comer On Molotov Girl’s ‘Practical’ Outfit And Boots

One of the most memorable action beats in cinema this year came partway through a bust-up in Birds Of Prey, when Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn stops mid-brawl to offer Jurnee Smollett’s Black Canary a much-needed hair tie. It was a refreshing moment of practicality in the middle of an action sequence, one that felt real, necessary, and a […]

“I don’t want to be anyone’s cup of milky tea!” Jodie Comer’s perfect brew for dealing with classism and rejection

Glamour– Jodie Comer is the most talented actress of her generation and she has the receipts – or rather the accolades – to prove it. An Emmy award and a BAFTA award (she’s been nominated three times) are perhaps her most notable pieces of hardware, but her greatest achievement of all is that in a world where artifice rules, Jodie […]

We Had A Zoom Chat With Jodie Comer About Filming ‘Talking Heads’ In Lockdown

June 25, 2020   No Comment   Interviews, Talking Heads

Vogue- So, here’s some good news for the culture-starved. Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads – the playwright’s hilarious and heartbreaking monologues from the ’80s and ’90s (and stalwarts of A Level and GSCE exam papers) – are returning to BBC primetime. Remade in the middle of lockdown with a new, all-star lineup, they will land on iPlayer on […]