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Jodie attended the 2023 World Theatre Awards last night in New York, photos of her attending have been added to the gallery, enjoy!



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Each year we photograph Tony nominees, and talk with them about their craft. This year we focused on actors.


“Everyone always said theater was incomparable, like there was nothing like it, and I never understood what they meant. When you’re in a room of that many people all experiencing something at the same time, the energy is electrifying, and that has been one of the greatest joys about this experience. It’s intoxicating.” — Jodie Comer


New York Times

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Jodie Comer, who won an Emmy for her role of a Russian assassin on TV’s “Killing Eve,” is now an Olivier Award-winner and Tony-nominee for her performance in the one-woman play “Prima Facie,” as a London barrister confronting injustice in the legal system with regards to victims of sexual assault. CBS News’ Erin Moriarty talks with Comer, and with playwright Suzie Miller, about the dynamics of the play, the responses from audiences, and how a “scrappy” young woman from Liverpool with no formal training found success on stage.

Jodie Comer is having a very good year. In April, she took home a prestigious Olivier Award for best actress in the play “Prima Facie.” One month later, she was also nominated for a best actress Tony for the same role on Broadway.

When asked if she expected the impact that the play, and her performance, would have, Comer replied, “No, no, I think we were all really taken aback by it, actually. But I remember when we did the first preview in London – and this was the first time performing in front of an audience – a lot of it was crying, like very audibly and very quite loud and unashamed, and very guttural.”

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I have added Screencaps,Stills, and Promos of Jodie in the upcoming video game “Alone in The Dark”. You can also find screencaps of the Interview as well, enjoy!



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Jodie Comer attended the  2023 Outer Critics Circle Awards in which she won the award of Outstanding Solo Performance for Prima Facie!



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David Harbour stated that he did a horror game with Jodie Comer, but it wasn’t clear what game it was. That has now been confirmed, as the two actors are the two main characters in the upcoming Alone in the Dark remake.

Who are David Harbour and Jodie Comer in the Alone in the Dark remake?

Harbour plays a detective Edward Carnby, a grizzled private investigator that’s quite visually different from its 1992 counterpart. Writer and game director Mikael Hedberg, who’s known for writing Frictional Games’ first two Amnesia titles and Soma, said that Harbour has a “strong presence” as an actor and can do well in both comical and dramatic situations. Harbour also chimed in about the series and what he likes about Edward.

“I knew of past iterations of the game,” said Harbour. “The video game world is something that I’m very interested in in general. The horror genre specifically. He’s kind of a gruff detective and he’s searching for something, and he’s hard-boiled, but he’s got some humor to him. He’s a bit of a trope or a type, and I like that. And I like the world and sort of how he’s exploring this insanity amidst all the horror and stuff.”

Comer plays Emily Hartwood, the niece of Jeremy Hartwood who has been haunted by a character named the Dark Man. Hedberg said Comer brings a lot of nuance to the character, which makes it easier for players to sympathize with her. Comer also talked about Hartwood and how she tried to juggle all Emily’s complexities.

“I love the mystery of the game, and I love the picture of her,” said Comer. “There was so much about her that I was curious of. There’s a lot of fear within her and a lot of speculation, curiosity, dread, intrigue. There’s a lot about her that’s on edge. Yes, there is the scary element, but then she still has to go on a journey and discover different things. And there should still be room to breathe and have a funny moment or a sarcastic moment or a moment of discovery. So it’s just trying to keep all of those other beats alive amongst the darkness of it all.”

Developer Pieces Interactive also spoke more about the game by talking about the psychological horror that is “more than just jump scares,” the resource-driven gunplay, numerous puzzles, and thick atmosphere. The team also announced the release date for the game, which is October 25 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.


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The script for the play “Prima Facie” didn’t languish after landing in Jodie Comer’s inbox

The script for the play “Prima Facie” didn’t languish after landing in Jodie Comer‘s inbox. Fitting for an urgent call for change, the script demanded action. It would not be denied.

“Sometimes when things present themselves, it’s impossible to say no,” says the “Killing Eve” actor. “This piece felt very, very clear to me. There was no hesitation that I felt. Sometimes that kind of guttural instinct really doesn’t lie.”

It didn’t matter that the script represented Comer’s first stage role. No matter that she’d be alone for some 90 minutes, even asked to move her own props. “I read it within the hour and I was like, ‘What have I got to do?’”

Comer leapt in and has found herself winning an Olivier Award in London for her performance and now a Tony nomination for best actress in a play. She’s also raising her fist for women in a work that challenges the status quo.

The script was from Suzie Miller, a former criminal defense and human rights lawyer who uses the one-woman show to illustrate how current laws fail terribly when it comes to sexual assault cases.

Comer plays Tessa Ensler, a young, clever barrister who has developed a knack for getting her male clients off the hook in assault cases until she spends a night drinking with another barrister and he rapes her.

Now, instead of donning a fancy wig as a crown prosecutor, she’s left shaking in the witness box. Why isn’t her evidence presented in a clean, logical package? She must relive her nightmare in court with her motives questioned. And justice may hinge not on the actions, but on whether the perpetrator believed he had consent.

“A woman’s experience of sexual assault does not fit the male-defined system of truth. So it cannot be truth, and therefore there cannot be justice,” she says in the play.

“Prima Facie” — a legal term meaning “on the face of it” — has already created shock waves in England. A filmed version is now compulsory viewing for new judges, and Miller says a judge who saw her play has redrafted the spoken directions juries are given in sexual assault matters. The play has inspired efforts to change British laws.

Both Comer and Miller get hundreds of messages a week from women telling their own stories of assault, some telling about it for the first time, part of a larger movement fueled by #MeToo.

“I’m really trying to savor every second of it because not every piece of work creates this sort of conversation or space,” says Comer. “That is the biggest reward of all —when you are a part of a piece like this and people genuinely feel represented. That it is a source of comfort.”

To win a Tony on June 11, Comer must beat Jessica Chastain in “A Doll’s House,” Jessica Hecht in “Summer, 1976” and Audra McDonald from “Ohio State Murders.”

In terms of sheer physicality, Comer earns it every night. She moves tables together, jumps up on them, sits in rain, uses various voices and performs her own character’s rape.

“It really helped me build my kind of mental resilience, even though I have moments that is absolutely challenged,” she says. “I would say what I’ve learned from this experience is that you have to take care of yourself.”

Miller was inspired to write “Prima Facie” by the years she spent as a lawyer taking statements from hundreds of women who had been sexually assaulted. “Not a single one of them who went to trial actually ended up having a conviction,” she says. “The worst things is they’re all so similar.”

Her first play, “Cross Sections,” was about the homeless and the desperate living in the red-light district in Sydney, Australia, a work which humanized what many believed were throw-away people.

“After I wrote that there was a lightning bolt moment for me, which was, ‘Oh, wow, stories really can make people empathize and think about things,’” she says.

Miller has since taken up the baton of V — the “Vagina Monologues” playwright formerly known as Eve Ensler, who brings social messages to her work. It is no coincidence that Miller named the heroine of “Prima Facie” Tessa Ensler.

The idea of battling the establishment also attracted Comer, an Emmy Award and BAFTA winner, who grew up in the working class of Liverpool and has had to shapeshift in order to succeed, like her character.

When she was auditioning for theater roles, she was rebuffed because she hadn’t attended drama school. “There was a lot of feedback of like, ‘She’s not trained. It’s too big a task,’” she recalls.

The producers of “Prima Facie” didn’t ask her to audition and didn’t mind she hadn’t attended drama school.

“They didn’t see it as this kind of hindrance. And so I guess the stars all aligned at the right time,” Comer says. “This is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed.”


The Independent 

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Jodie Comer is nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Play.

Just over a month ago, Jodie Comer took the stage at the Royal Albert Hall to accept an Olivier Award for her outstanding performance in Prima Facie. Now that she has brought the monumental role to Broadway, is a Tony Award next?

“The relationship with the audience has been so special. The effect that this story is having on people… we receive letters daily,” she told BroadwayWorld’s Richard Ridge. “We’re seeing firsthand how this play is provoking change.”

Below, watch as Jodie chats more about how the play is impacting audiences, the honor of this nomination, and so much more. Plus, check out who she is up against and catch up on all the latest Tony Awards coverage!


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EXCLUSIVE: Paramount’s Republic Pictures label has acquired North American rights to dystopian drama-thriller The End We Start From, starring BAFTA and Emmy winner Jodie Comer (Killing Eve).

The mid seven-figure pact marks the biggest announced deal for a project on sale at this year’s Cannes market so far. Anton and UTA are handling world sales here on the Riviera.

Comer stars as a woman who, along with her newborn child, must try to find her way home amid an environmental crisis that submerges London in flood waters and sees their young family torn apart in the chaos.

Mahalia Belo (The Long Song) directs the movie, which also stars Joel Fry (Cruella), Mark Strong (Kingsman), Gina McKee (My Policeman), Katherine Waterston (Fantastic Beasts) and Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game).

Based on the novel by Megan Hunter and adapted to screen by Alice Birch (Normal People), pic is produced by Leah Clarke and Adam Ackland (The Mauritanian) for SunnyMarch, Liza Marshall (Temple) for Hera Pictures, Amy Jackson (Aftersun) and Sophie Hunter. Pic is currently in post-production.

Anton, C2 Motion Picture Group, BBC Film, and the BFI financed the film, which will go through Paramount’s Global Content Distribution.

Paramount Chief Content Licensing Officer and Republic Pictures President Dan Cohen said: “What Mahalia Belo has brought to screen from Megan Hunter’s novel is both a harrowing and hopeful examination of human resilience, and we are honored to be a part of the film’s journey to captivating audiences.”

Paramount revived acquisitions play Republic Pictures earlier this year. The historic label was founded in 1935 and shuttered in 1967. Among early projects on the slate are Winter Spring Summer or Fall, starring Jenna Ortega and Percy Hines White, and William Friedkin’s The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial.

The slew of strong packages announced pre-market prompted hopes of energetic deal-making in Cannes. Things are slowly coming into focus. Domestic deal-making has been sluggish to date, with streamers (and global deals) largely absent from the fray, leaving the door open for international indie buyers to take their pick. We hear a number of projects are being sold well internationally and a couple of the bigger festival titles are starting to generate heat for North America.

We told you about the biggest deal finalized here so far: Sony’s big splash for the Paddington threequel, though that project wasn’t strictly on sale in Cannes and the pact was largely lined up ahead of the market. Neon made the first announced North American deal for a festival movie with Pablo Berger’s Robot Dreams and Sony Classics announced a deal for animated doc They Shot The Piano Player. There was a fevered report of Prime Video working on a UK deal for Firebrand, but that all rights pact was put in place last year.

Executive producers on The End We Start From are Benedict Cumberbatch for SunnyMarch, Jodie Comer, Mark Strong, Sébastien Raybaud, Fanny Soulier, Pieter Engels, Kate Maxwell for Anton, Dave Caplan (Babylon) and Jason Cloth (Joker) for C2 Motion Picture Group, Eva Yates and Claudia Yusef for BBC Film, and Lizzie Francke for the BFI.

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Jodie Comer attended the  89th Annual Drama League Awards today in New York. Photos have been added to our gallery, enjoy!